Envigado, a colombian town located in Aburra, next to the beautiful city of Medellin and famous decades ago for topics we are not going to mention here, has evolved lately into a very important spot when we talk about gastronomy and cuisine in the region of Antioquia. “La Calle de la Buena Mesa” is an area where one can find nowadays several new restaurants and enjoy a quite diverse gastronomy.


But let’s talk about about a place located in another area of this town, a modest restaurant called “La Gloria de Gloria”, serving very good food to locals and visitors like us for the past 25 years and where you can enjoy the most typical dishes of the region. Gloria Cecilia Ramìrez, the owner, welcomes you like people do in Antioquia, with a shot of “aguardiente”, the star local drink.


We tried almost all the dishes the menu offers, from the incredible giant pork skin, cooked in a big-deep frying device next to the main door as you can see in the image, to the pork ribs, the bloodsausage and the homemade hard sausages. All accompanied by the so delicious “Arepa Paisa”.


As main dishes, we started with one of my favourite ones, the tripes, served in a soup with meatballs, ribs and veggies, incredible!!!. Then, “La Cazuela de frijoles” along with avocado, ripe banana, rice, fried egg and salad as a the common side. And of course we could not leave the place without having tried the so popular “Bandeja Paisa”, a mix of diverse and delicious local ingredients.


Important to mention that all these dishes were accompanied by the very popular colombian hot drink; “aguapanela” with lime and “aguardiente”.

If you happen to travel to Medellìn, don’t miss the opportunity to visit this museum of the local gastronomy where you will get a taste of what it is good local food in Antioquia.

Bon profit!


La Gloria de Gloria. Calle 37 Sur # 35 – 06 Envigado.

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