Buenaventura 4 2014-12-09 à 11.56.11

It was a very emotive trip for all of us. For my mom, many of her memories from her childhood and adolescence in Tetouan, where she lived for over 20 years, came to her mind.


For me it represented what was to know a new culture and the discovery of incredible new flavors in amazing plates like bastela, couscous or tagines. And the aromas and colors I perceived from the amazing species stands in the souks left me immediately with that genuine curiosity for gastronomy. That’s where my passion for food and travels started!

Hi, I’m Dani Meroño and I want to introduce you to my new notebook of adventures in this blog. Browsing through it, you will enjoy a long tip through worldwide gastronomy where you will discover dishes, products, cities, markets, restaurants, street food, amazing people and a long list of interesting contents with which I hope we share some lovely time.


Thanks for letting me be part of your day-to-day lives!

Hugs and kisses.

¡Bon profit!


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